About Smilee Ordering System

Currently, we provide an online meal planning and ordering website for parents to pre-order school meals from school canteen shop “Smilee”. Pre-ordering is important so that each child receives our crafted healthy set of meal and no child risks missing out on their daily meal requirements. Parents need not worry about their child’s school pocket money being spent on items other than food. We believe in making children go complete “cashless”.

How does it work? Just go to our website and click on "Order Now", parents and their child at schools opting for our SMILEE system are able select either a package meal program or items from an a la carte menu. Under the package meal program, parents are able to add additional a la carte items for their child. During this pre-ordering process, parents and their child are able to browse the calendar days and, with just a mouse- over or mouse-click, open up the meal details to select the meals they prefer.

To complete the meal ordering process, parents shall be directed to an online payment system. At the end of the order parents shall redeem exciting coupons. At last, parents can provide feedback and suggestions on the meals ordered.