To spread the knowledge and skills of a chef, we organize the event at schools where children’s get the opportunity to learn from chefs by cooking with them their secret and most celebrated recipes..

Little master chef competition is organized for fun and spreading knowledge of cooking. Young children participate and compete with each other in the competition with any assistance and guidance from parents or chef’s.

The beauty of the bond a mother shares with child is serene and most sacred. We celebrate it by organizing a competition where a child cooks his mother’s recipes and the most delicious one wins the title and award.

Celebrating the brains of young guns of our generation, to spice up the recipes, we organize little scientist competition to bring out the creative and innovative minds to create brand new delicious recipes.

Celebrating the ideology of World Food Program, we celebrate World food day at school to spread joy and smiles by organizing various food based activities like “I can guess the flavor” etc.

We organize “We all are chef’s) cooking competition where parents children combined compete to win the title. This is organized to spread harmony and further deepen the bond through the art of cooking.