How We Work

SMILEE works closely with the schools and their canteen stall holders to offer daily choices of healthy set meals for students. Parents, students, and stallholders are simultaneously educated on the preparation of these healthy set of meals. The meals are prepared with reference to the FSSAI & CBSE guidelines on serving portions.Through SMILEE : Smilee, we expose children to a variety of food choices, to impress upon them the appropriate meal servings and ultimately to promote eating a healthy and balanced meal. We change our calendars every month and experiment on innovative and healthy recopies. We are committed to raise the standards of food delivery and package by training staff at canteen on maintain health and hygiene. There are four

Steps in our working model

AWARENESS EDUCATION :It aims at providing and sharing useful content on healthy eating and healthy recipes, including INDIAN and INTERNATIONAL cuisines, to parents, children and stallholders. SMILEE currently focuses on third party content that fulfils three key aspects: (a) Educate, (b) Engage and (c) Empower.

ORDER US: SMILEE has an online meal planning and ordering website to allow parents and children to pre-order school meals Monday to Friday from the school canteen. Healthy set meals will be listed on the website and the more popular healthy meals will maintain with new meals being introduced.

ADVISORY: SMILEE offers meal planning and ordering where monitoring of the ordered meals is a key function of the system. In the our next phase of website development, it allows parents to be notified of the child's consumption and flag excessive servings based on the students' height, weight and energy requirements coupled with more useful functions.

WHOLESOME ENGAGEMENT: It sees the importance of parent’s engagement in the child’s development in the healthy eating habits, especially to continuously encourage the child on each and every step of their healthy eating successes. However, we do understand most parents are busy with their works and some might not know the how method to do so. Therefore, SMILEE will adopt selective


Yes, through mails, surveys online and offline, workshops and events.

You may contact the Tiffin Chefs team at Phone no.-

No, please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

A parent can order a meal from one month to three months for set meals, as long as the healthy set meals menu are made available in the website and Ala carte orders are on weekly availability list updated on portal every Thursday.

We close our ordering at the end of the 23rd day of the month. Once you have logged in, the monthly menu will have a cut-off date indication. Full payment realization will need to be made once you would like to confirm the order.

We accepted online transactions through credit cards as well as through mobile wallets.

No. Once an order has been made, amount can no longer be refunded for the meal except in special cases. You may contact us at but administrative charges will be incurred for the process. Do allow at least one business week to respond back.

No, we do not accept cash payment. You may get your child to make daily ala carte purchase at the Smilee shop. Only limited stock and generalized meals in ala carte will be available in limited quantity.

We apologize that no refund is allowed for child's absentee as the meal has been prepared and food cost has been incurred.

No, we do not accept cash payment. You may get your child to make daily purchase at the school canteen. You can pay through mobile wallets.

Registration is yearly registration cost and Service fees refer to credit card processing and administrative fees if any