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A child’s nutrition is the most worried thing in parent’s life. We let the fear go with mouth watery delicacies.

We believe in healthy eating environment at school and work at empowering parents in monitoring their children’s eating habits and ensure the intake of high nutrition value meals.
Our aim is to create practical meal ordering website, which as easy processing, accountability and deliver exclusive food items and tools like monitoring eating habits. We are dedicated to make child “go cashless to school” and develop faith in parents that their child’s pocket money is being invested for greater health benefits. Curate nutritional content to educate, engage, and empower parent, children and canteen staff at school

Provide, develop and innovate on cost-effective healthy nutritional recipes for canteen shop Smilee and to train stall holders so that they ensure hygiene and accountability in food delivery.

Our Philosophy



Our chefs are highly experienced and trained, they prepare delicious, healthy meal with additional nutrition benefits. They blend the ingredient in specific manner to deliver high nutrition value to your child.


Bringing a child’s smile, makes parents smile wider. Parents worry most about their child’s health. We remove those worries y providing delicious and healthy meals at school.


A child dreams of a tasty food options. We bring them mouth watery meals and yet do not compromise on nutrition value.

Healthy School Canteen

Making canteens safer, hygienic, beneficial and a place that cultivates manners, healthy eating habits and inculcate hygiene sense in your child. We train canteen staffs to ensure high hygiene standards.

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How kids think about earth

12, March 2016

Kids think whatever that looks good is meant to be eaten. They think hunger as a phenomenon as catastrophe that needs immediate attention. For kids “cheese “is healthiest because it tastes yummy and milk and vegetables that does not tastes good and they avoid them gracefully. Taste matters to them above everything else when it comes to food.

Healthy meal set

22, March 2016

A child’s nutrition requirements and calories intake differ to a great extent from an adult. Your child has special requirements in calorie intake which depends on several factors. Children need to take specific amount of proteins and vitamins in balanced form. They require more calories than adults in order to stay active.



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