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Tiffin Chefs is Food and Beverage merged technology start-up which champions healthy eating in schools. Our vision is to build a healthy eating success story for parents and children. We work to empower children with knowledge of meal planning, and grow up with healthy eating habits. We firmly believe successful healthy eating starts with education plus the commitment to daily healthy meal choices, especially at school.

Tiffin Chefs integrates technology and meal planning to ensure children eats healthy and nourished food complete in nutrition requirement of a child. Children at the age 6 to 16 are fast growing and their body requires special nutritional needs that can be fulfilled only with healthy diets. Tiffin chefs have kept that notion in mind and have designed all the meals accordingly under the guidance of experts. We work with teachers, parents and canteen stall holders to create an exciting educational journey for everyone.

Together, we will conceptualize, create and iterate on engaging, exciting ways for parents and children to learn healthy eating habits. Our company is dedicated, fast-paced and results-oriented, because we find it extremely satisfying to experience first-hand, positive impacts we are creating for our children. This is “Because we care for your children, their smiles and health is our responsibility”.
TIFFIN CHEFS is privately owned and mentored by a group of experienced, senior industry advisors. We believe child should eat healthy, in appropriate quantity and quality by not compromising with the delicacy of eating.


Tiffin chefs has made it easy for me to plan meals or my children. Now I know how much calories he takes and in whatever way. This helps me to ensure my child’s health and growth.

Now I do not wake up at 6 in morning to prepare healthy Tiffin for my child. I am free and satisfied about my child’s food at school. He says every now and then “Mummy can’t you order one more Tiffin for me, they are yummy

Tiffin chefs has made me and my child realise " Healthy meals can taste so good". She no longer craves for burger, fries or any other junk food.